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Know Us

TRASSK - Thrissur Association of Kuwait was formed by 21 members as FOUNDER MEMBERS who are residents, with a vision to promote investment opportunities for the members through which develop and promote Thrissur developments by bringing all Thrissurians under one umbrella. TRASSK is an organization registered with the Indian Embassy of Kuwait, established in October 2006. The association is currently strong with 2020 registered members within very short span.

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President TRASSK

It is indeed a great privilege to head the Thrissur Association of Kuwait, which over the last 7 years has captured the imagination of one and all Pravsis in Kuwait and has been a shining example in the Indian association demographics in the State of Kuwait.


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The Cultural Capital

thrissur Thrissur (the name derived from 'Tiru-Shiva-Perur),

the cultural capital of Kerala has is in the central region of Kerala with rich history, culture and archeological wealth. The entire credit for the rise of the modern city of Thrissur goes to Raja Rama Varma, who ascended the throne of the state of Cochin in 1790. The city and the area around it have a number of museums, art schools, and institutes, which are dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural traditions of Kerala. The multi-hued past of this city comes alive at the Archaeological Museum and the Art Museum as also the art gallery located within the Town Hall. The Vadakkunathan Temple is the spiritual centre of the city and is famous all over India for its magnificent annual Pooram festival.

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Latest News


May 2014


Thrissur Association of Kuwait (TRASSK) office bearers met with the Indian Ambassador, Hon. Mr Sunil Jain at his chamber in the Indian Embassy of Kuwait dated 26.05.14. 

TRASSK expressed their full support to Indian Embassy and willingness to take the leadership of helping the Indian Citizens suffering in Kuwait and India at any time.

TRASSK upcoming events and proceedings w....   more>>


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